These Lions: A Studio Album

May 18, 2016

We’ve been writing music together for a decade. More than 500 weeks of making music together has led to a huge pile of songs, and this summer we’re finally recording the best of it. We’re making an album with a great, long backstory. It’s been a slow, intentional process that has allowed us to really let our friendship grow and our songwriting flourish.

Dusti and Steve started writing together in 2006, and have added a new song each spring as a part of Tenebrae, a creative collaboration at Warehouse 242. In 2013, Bryan Norton joined the team, and now that we’ve been through a full decade together, we’re ready to record an album that sums up the music we’ve created together.

TheWe’re hoping that you’ll support our first studio album and help us record a decade of songwriting.